You can personalize some of the meta information of your smartcard directly via the gpg2 interface. This allows you to, e.g. set passwords or additional meta information.

# start the edit of the smartcard
gpg2 --card-edit

gpg/card> admin
Admin commands are allowed

gpg/card> passwd
# ...

# setting a URL for a public key dramatically easens the startup
# needs when connecting the smartcard to an other device
# (laptop, Android Cell Phone with OpenKeyChain) since the pub
# key is not installed on the device
gpg/card> url
URL to retrieve public key:
# note: some older versions of GPG only support http:// :(

# the options below are purely administrational if you have several
# smartcards or want to use them in specific workflows.
# the information are not authenticated in any way and optional
gpg/card> name
Cardholder's surname: Doe
Cardholder's given name: Jane

gpg/card> lang
Language preferences: en

gpg/card> sex
Sex ((M)ale, (F)emale or space): f

gpg/card> login
Login data (account name): jane

gpg/card> quit